Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank you Ike for new hurricane terms

  • "Hunker down"
  • Surge Tsunami
  • "Certain Death"

I swear, reporters irritate the crap out of me and make me laugh hysterically at the same time...


Some guy on the weather channel was talking with some guy from the coast guard and they said that they were not going to be doing any more rescue missions after 9pm, that if someone found themselves in a predictament, that they should strap themselves to something that floats and try to ride it out. lololololol

Now, me being me would say that is exactly what they should do, that they were warned they faced "certain death", they should have left, but it was funny to hear someone actually say it...

Another guy just said he was going inside, that the weather wasnt worth it...wasnt worth it? why are you out reporting in the middle of it anyway?? Dork...

And I saw a dumpster being swept away in the water, that was pretty funny..couldnt help but laugh

Anyway, me being far from the storm can laugh at it, but I am still thinking of those in the middle of it, stay safe and away from windows.

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