Friday, September 12, 2008

Living it up in SA

For those if you in the path of Ike, SUCKAS!

No, just kidding. Actually, I should have stayed, I would be lots of dollars richer. My last few days:


Went to work, left around 4:30. Stopped at station downtown to top-off, no regular left, had to get Supreme

Got home, packed a few things.

Went to HEB, not one piece of bread, no milk to be seen, good thing i didnt need those (while Chris boarded windows)

Cleaned house, packed more

Whitened teeth, went to bed


Got up around 6, called mom and dad to check status (they live on water)

Got ready, got boys up and ready, waited for mom and dad

Left for SA, drove there no problems whatsoever, good times

Stopped and ate BBQ, went to Buc-ees, met up with dorky little brother

Went to Wildlife Ranch, went to SA to check into to Awesome hotel

kids to pool, dinner, baths

All throughout day, watching the weather channel watching reporters act like idiots, saying stuid things

Gotta admit, Ike isnt bothering me so much

Chris was supposed to work but they let him go, he is at our house with Mom & Dad, sounds like my parents house may not be standing upon return

Last checkin, no power loss yet, strong winds and rain...would be nice if it stayed that way

Kuddos to all of those who stayed behind, I am sure it will not be as bad as thought and I will wish I saved the money....but hey, whats another vaca??

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