Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"My hands are tired....I have been using them all day!!" - Haden

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

week 2

Week one was good, I lost 4 pounds! I am in 5th place in the competition. Not too bad. I was motivated, came home and did almost 30 minutes on the elliptical! Felt good!

Then I had 2 eggs and some cheese for dinner, definitely more things I would have liked to have, but oh well.

Not too much exciting stuff going on with us for me is very busy..Chris found a stray dog that is driving us crazy..not sure how he is going to work out.

Things that make me happy today:

chocolate covered espresso beans
wireless internet
dog kennels

Saturday, February 20, 2010

War of the Banana

It is 7:15 on Saturday night. My 3 year old is sitting in the middle of the floor screaming and refusing to throw away his banana and the peel. He refuses to walk 3 feet into the kitchen to do it...who will win this battle? He could have done it 100 times now but it is a battle of the TV until its thrown away.

Being a parent is fun!

UPDATe! A mere 15 minutes later, I win!!!! Of course...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day # ...lost track already

This week has been fine, been trying to eat less and better, not really counting calories, just paying attention. My pants already fit looser, not sure if that is because of my diet changes or that time of the

But I must skip over all of that excitement and turn to Tiger Woods. As soon as this whole thing began with him, I immediately started rolling my eyes. I knew what the media would do and I knew it was going to be ridiculus.

I got angry when the women started coming out of the woodwork, the speculation of what happened to him the night he wrecked his car, yada, yada...and I didnt go looking for this info, it was all over the headlines of the blogs I regularly read and the main media networks I peruse. I got mad because this is none of our business. It is between him and his family and maybe his sponsors. It is so disturbing that our society places such importance on people like him. Sure, he is great at what he does, no doubt. But that doesnt make him a better person than the rest of us. Why was he placed on such a pedestal? Why was everyone so fascinated at his downfall?And now he feels compelled to apologize to whoever. He owes no apologies to anyone except his family. Not the public, not the golf community, no one else but them.

So of course, much to my dismay, this morning on GMA, the top story was Tiger Woods, ahead of the guy that flew a plane into a federal building. Seriously? Tiger Woods is more important than that? It disgusts me. If I was watching ESPN I would expect it. Tabloid sites, it is expected; I shouldnt expect it to be the lead story on ABC. Maybe the third or fourth. Sad, very sad....but I guess that is what it is coming to these days....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 2 (aka Im Starving)

Day 2 was good, but I did not allow myself enough calories, so there were several points during the day I almost attacked the vending machine....but I held out, I was strong, I was motivated.....

I did another 20 minutes on the treadmill and had cereal for dinner (while the boys had pizza **pats self on back**)

I am hanging in there, just need to be more prepared in regards to what I have on hand to snack on or I will FAIL!

Onto other things...

I dont recall if I mentioned this on the blog, I know I mentioned a plumbing problem.

Well, that plumbing problem turned into a floor problem...our kitchen butts up right next to the living/dining room, where I had the floors replaced with Laminate wood....these floors are great when you drop thing, roll cars on them and for heavy traffic....where they are not good is when they get wet and the water does not get cleaned up right away.....they warp...

So, the water got underneath the wood and warped a pretty good sized area...I have the flooring people coming this week to give me an estimate on how much it would cost to fix...and I really dont know how much they have to pull up to replace the damaged stuff...I am sure I am not going to like the number they give me and will probably have to save pennies for a while to get it fixed...sigh....

I cannot find a photo of warped laminate online, so sorry!

But I did find a picture of this beauty..

This is the Crave cupcake I had Monday that was divine....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 1

Okay, wanted to blog about my progress (if any) each day as I struggle to lose some weight....

Today didnt start out well. Didnt eat breakfast, but had some coffee. :-)

When I got to work, I hid my candy. Out of site, out of mind...

Had an apple mid morning. For lunch, I got some smoked turkey with a side of green beans and a very small salad. It held me over pretty good until it was time to go home.

Once home, I immediately changed and got on the elliptical for 20 minutes (then did some push ups).

Tomorrow I am going to try to do some calorie counting and running the stairs....Ill let you know how it goes....

Oh..forgot about my mid afternoon disaster..met with a vendor and you know what she brought? Crave cupcakes...I couldnt resist....I had some chocolate on was outstanding. But I burned it off on the elliptical..right????


Brassiere and there.....

OK, so today I am starting (again) a weight competition with some co-workers...I am hoping I can stick with it this body is getting out of control. I am starting to get those pains in my body that only older and overweight people tend to get....I am both, so I need to try to remedy the overweight part since I can do nothing about the age part (sigh...:-( )...Pray for me.....really, pray hard....

This weekend Chris and I actually got a night out to ourselves. It was nice, I think it has literally been 6-8 months since we have done that. We ate seafood and then went home and ....and.... went to sleep...see what happens when you get old?

Get in my belly!!!


I still havent fixed my camera......I cant get anything done fast...when I think about doing something, it take about 6 weeks for me to actually do it.....Ugghhhhhh.......

This weekend was great! In addition to our night out, BFF Special K took me for a pedicure for my birthday..needed it bad, hadnt had one since before Christmas...There were still snowmen on my toes....LOL..

THEN, we went to a place called La De Da. This is a lingerie store that BFF Special K has been telling me about forever...they do bra fittings...she had hers done a while back and was so pleased with the the right size bra and a style that works best for her.
So, me and my Big Uns went in and got measured.....after some denial and shame and embarassment, the girls got 2 news bras that fit wonderfully and have given them a wouldnt recognize them....they are up where they should be! Yippee....

I would highly recommend all women get a bra fitting and not just go with what you think you are...I was way off (and not in the direction I would have liked).....I knew I wasnt in the right bra size but did not want to admit I was bigger than I really was....and I do feel better lugging them around

Here is what I walked out with....

(you think I'm kidding)

Which brings me to a story of yonder years, of back in the day when I was just a wee thing......when I was coming of age and noticed some of my older girlfriends blossoming and being so young and naiveas I was, made a wish and prayed every night, that I too could blossom there, in that place, and look like them, like a woman...with boobies...I got my wish, 10 the lesson here is....dont wish for big boobies, you just might get them...and they arent all that, let me tell you...

When you get fitted with a bra and pay lots of money for a bra that fits you, you come out of the store looking like this! Its amazing!

If men could design a bra..... (hmmm...this looks familiar??)

So there ya go, my weekend in a addition to cleaning and corraling children....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Skip to my Lou...

So, today Haden and I had a senior skip day, except neither of us are seniors. I usually let the boys have a last one skip day a year. They get to do something they want, movies, fishing, whatever. Haden has been asking for one and we decided on today. It was a semi skip day for me as well, although I still did work in the afternoon.

We finally got to see Avatar. It was great, I highly recommend it, and in 3D of course. It was pretty darn good. A must see in the theater. camera got the time I thought it was ok, BUT today I noticed the lens was gone, thats right...the glass in the lens must have fell out....lovely...I can see the guts of the lens...such is my life....guess I will start looking for one of those too along with my Battery charger....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Smart kids?

So...our kitchen sink is leaking, yet again, seems we have replaced most of the guts under the sink, but there appears to be a clog further back in the line...greeeaaaatttt....Chris hates dealing with this plumbing issue....its gross

I havent been taking any pictures because (surprise, surprise), I seem to have misplaced my cameras battery charger. Guess I am forced to purchase another one. I should probably buy 2 just in case.

I was able to snap these photos of the boys latest concoction. It is a disaster waiting to happen, I am pretty sure this wont stay up for much longer.

The seat is attached to the rope with duct tape. I dont think it will stay up for too long, but I have to give them kudos for ingenuity.