Tuesday, January 26, 2010


OK, I like Facebook. It serves a purpose, and I like to plant and harvest virtual crops on it. Not sure, why but I do.

But, honestly, do I have to hear that you have diarrhea? You say it and then 9 people respond and say they too have diarrhea and have for 2 weeks. Jeez, it puts an instant image in my head and I just cant get rid of it. Its gross.

I know everyone poops and I will admit I too have had poop discussions with friends, BUT I would not post about having the squirts where everyone I know and those who I only know a little, now know I have been sitting in the bathroom all day long.

By the way, it appears you can actually find images of diarrhea on the Internet - who knew!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I really dont watch late night TV, so I really dont care

Reading a friend of mine's (Lisa's) blog reminded me of something that happened a few weeks ago.

I have a subscription to the Chronicle for the Sunday paper and the Sunday paper alone. I never read it any other day of the week.

My favorite thing to do on Sunday is get the paper, make me some coffee and read the sales ads all by myself. (This only happens if I by chance get up before anyone else does, which is rare)

One Sunday morning not long ago, I went out to get my paper and there was another paper type looking thing in the driveway. I picked it up as well. It had a single white paper in it and some marbles to keep it from blowing away.

When I opened it, it was a flyer from the Ku Klux Klan, some organization out of Cleveland, Texas. I was shocked. I had never seen them actually pass out information to people. A full page of why the country was going into the pooper because of desegregation, separation of Church and State and a bunch of other things not worthy of being repeated.

It was just very shocking to see such things out there so blatantly. I thought of many of my neighbors who are not white and how they reacted. Has anything like this happened to you?

Which leads me to post this link for a site out there just for us whiteys:


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Irk (actually been an irk for a while, just had to shell out the money today)

So I have owed some money to the school (Kaelens school) for a while now, just have never been able to get there and dont trust Kaelen to pay it.

I had to pay $50 for ID's he needed to get into the school. Thats 10!!! ID's, 5 bucks a pop. 10 ID's and he still cant get to the school with at least one of them. This is some of the frustration I deal with. One of the worst parts? He doesnt care, it matters not to him that we have to spend this extra money for his lack of organization. They will not NOT let him have an ID, he HAS to have a picture ID to get to class, so they wont put a "freeze" on his account to keep him from getting new ID's. So, I am going to gather up all of his ID's I can find, and I can guarantee I wont find all 10, take them to the registrar and she will keep them and give them to him when he doesnt have one. She does this for other students as well. Wow, really? If he was given an allowance, I would keep it from him, but he doesnt get one because he doesnt care to do the chores to get an allowance.

Sigh. Teenagers. I never knew it was so difficult.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Body of Mine,

We have been through 34 very long years together. We have had a great symbiotic relationship. You have allowed me to breathe and walk and drive thus allowing me to do things. I have fed you and rested you and dressed you. You have given me children. I have washed you and made you smell good.

How can you do this to me? How much sleep do you really need to feel rested? Cant you give me a break? I mean, everything I do, essentially, I do for you. I feed you the most yummiest food there is. I regularly give you pretty toes and keep the face from breaking out. I wash the hair and exfoliate as much as possible. All I ask for is some energy! PLEASE! I go to sleep as early as possible and get up as late as possible, still, that isnt enough for you!! What do you want from me? Do you really want me to exercise? I know you and I cant imagine that is what you want...that just puts more stress on you, and I cant imagine that would make you happy.

So please, just tell me what ELSE I can give to you. I need some energy, I need to be able to go about my business feeling rested, because if I cant do a good job at work, then I have no money to put sweet smelling liquid on your skin or shampoo in your hair. Think about that! Feel free to reply at your earliest convenience. In the mean time, I will be drinking coffee, trying to put a fire under your butt to get you moving.

Hope to hear from you soon.

You inhabitant,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Santa and the Shepard

Boys with Santa, Christian was not too happy, but he really wanted that castle!

Haden was a shepard in a little presentation at church, he wanted to do it, but wasnt too happy about having to wear the outfit, he said people were laughing at him!


Hello! Yes, I am still alive.

Things have finally settled down (I guess) and life is back to normal (I guess).

I pulled this list from my blog post last year about New Years Resolutions. This is what I wanted to accomplish in 2009:

1) Eat Healthier - didnt do it

2) Reduce my debt by 50% or more - didnt do it, probably actually got worse

3) Find other Twilight posters to hang in my office - cool! I did something, I do have an extra Edward poster in my office

4) Talk Chris into letting me get Buddy neutered - Buddy ran away so we didnt have to worry about this one

5) Finish our outstanding home improvements - didnt happen

6) Do all I can from having to commit myself into the mental institution as I feel I am always on the brink at any given moment - I guess I accomplished this since I am not in a mental instition (or am i?)

7) Start Christmas shopping in March - not even close

8) Hold other people's precious babies - i did get to do this, Karen's sweet girl

9) Buy the Twilight DVD when it comes out (hopefully it will have a bonus disc) - did it!

10) Clean out the astrocity known as our garage and closet - I think this got done at one point, but got back cluttered again

OK, so for this year(2010):

1) Eat healthier
2) Exercise
3) Do all of that listed above for 2009....

Sigh, not much for originality I guess.

And my irk for the day, there seems to be this ongoing discussion about whether we should call the New Year twenty ten or two thousand ten.

Is there really an issue about this? Uh...did we call 2009 twenty oh nine? Its two thousand ten, doesnt take any longer to say than two thousand nine. Jeez...we can be that lazy or off track as a society can we?