Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is Sarge. we took him in as a stray about 6 months ago. We are no longer able to give him the time and attention he needs. He is up to date on his shots. He is not neutered. He is not trained. He is approx. 2 years old. He has a very sweet personality but is very hyper due to lack of training and attention. He is a great guard dog and would make a great companion for someone willing to take the time to give him what he needs. Please let me know if you or anyone you know would like become his new owners.

Please forward this to your friends. We really need to find Sarge a new home.

Monday, December 20, 2010


This is the type of video Haden likes to watch on the Internet

Monday, November 15, 2010


OK, found out this news this morning. NKOTB is going to be touring again, not sure if Houston will be a stop, but they will be touring with Backstreet Boys...I cant say I was the biggest BSB fan, but I am pretty sure this will be a pretty good show...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Show me the money!!

Hello fellow bloggers.

I could write novels for days about all of the things that have been going on, but I choose not to...

So I will vent about one thing in particular: School Fundraisers

OK, I expect them, I know they are coming, I dont push people to buy, I might send an email or stick it on the table in the break room...but I dont push it...(I dont think)

This is what has happened in that arena so far this year.

Haden got his fundraiser book

Christian got his fundraiser book the same week I turned Haden's in...not a big deal except the books were exactly the same...great

Cub Scouts gives me their fundraising book - everyone wants to pay over $20 bucks for Popcorn right?

Christian gets yet ANOTHER books from his school - yankee candles

Hadens gets yet ANOTHER from his school - pies and cobblers

They have them within weeks of each other now...I know they need money but good grief. I have chosen not to even acknowledge the last ones from each...its not only people having to pay, but then I have to make sure I have everything right and all the money....seriously, I dont need extra things to do...

And now, some pics of Flat Stanleys vaca to Seattle...thanks Stanley for checking it out for me, I so want to go now...I want to go to the original Starbucks.....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Check out my littlest dude at his first T-Ball practice....

When they were lined up throwing, he promptly hit another kid in the head with the ball.....good thing was, Im not sure the kid even noticed, and the balls are softer than regular baseballs...

My Precious (say in creepy Golum voice)

Finally, here are pics of Christian on his first day of pre-school....so stinkin cute.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wow, someone told me my blog was gone and when I looked, my template was deleted!

So I changed it and now Blogger has some neat new designs!

I dont have anything to really say, I do have pics, but need to get them off the camera!


Monday, August 23, 2010

The other boys

I finally found out Christian starts his Pre-K next Thursday. He is very excited. I like having kids that actually still look forward to school!

As for Kaelen, I really dont know about his first day. He is currently living with his mother. Who, believe it or not, lives 1/2 a mile from us. If I tell the soap operatic story here, I will say things that are ugly, so I wont tell the story. Its like a bad nightmare.

So, hopefully, Kaelen will get to school dressed and fed..or actually, hopefully he will just get to school.....:-)

Here is a pic of my ever loyal dog Hector....

Schools in!

There was a time long ago, and I mean long ago, where I had it together. I could remember anything and everything, I never paid a bill late, I didnt lose everything and I was early to places.
I am none of thise things anymore. I remeber nothing, I bill most bills late, I lose everything and I live in an altered reality where I think it takes less time to get places than it actually does.
Today my baby started the third grade. Really? Good grief...it just isnt possible.
And my baby, didnt want me to walk him to his classroom (not that I had much choice being I got him to the school as the bell was ringing).
Here are the pics he would let me take of him.

I got this one before he realized what I was doing and smiled instinctively.

No, he isnt crying, this was me trying to make him smile
This was him getting tired of me trying to make him smile.
Here is my new do, or some of it....
Whacked it off and got bangs, which I regretted 5 minutes after I did it, which happens every time I get them when forget how much I hate them.
I like it over all, the bangs are really annoying me...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Breather?

The last 2 weeks have been RIDiCULUS with work. This is what happens when they fire everyone and everyone else leaves for greener pastures. Good grief... It appears I have a small moment to actually take a breath....

I am getting very excited for summer to be over with. I much prefer having a schedule with the kids, I could have a schedule with them during the summer, but that requires too much effort on my part..so, yeah, I will do it when I only HAVE to. LOL.....

Haden won the Air Hockey Tournament at his daycare yesterday, he got a little medal. I am so proud of him, especially because he is so competitive! I have to take him down a notch or 2 when we play Wii or Board Games...he seems to feel he should be able to Bowl a 300 in real bowling because he can on Wii...and he thinks he can throw 98 mph b/c he can on Wii baseball...I love him being competitive...I think it will make him work harder for things he wants in all aspects of life....unfortunately, I think many kids his age will not be competitive..why should they when they get trophies for just participating and schools dont expect more of them..anyway, dont want to get on that rant....

Christian's teeth are still in his head, seems they tightened up pretty good at his last checkup, just a wait and see, I dont want to pull them unless necessary..and they should be coming out on their own by Kindergarten

Good news, I will be able to go back to my regular in home sitter in a few weeks, thank goodness, we have missed her so much. Daycare just isnt my forte.....

I have no pics to post, because that would require picking up a camera....

So please enjoy the ridiculusly old pics of me and others in high school....I remember thinking the higher I could get the poof on my head the better....LOL

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"FAIL" Thursday

I still continue to be amazed when people or organizations do real bone-head stuff, it just seems people do not think at all before doing certain things

The Tea Party

I like what the Tea Party stands for - stopping the ever expanding govt, stop raising taxes, etc.

But seriously, what dumb a*& thought this was going to get their message across

I am not an Obama fan by any means, but I dont think he is like Lenin or Hitler...come on! You didnt think this would reflect negatively on the entire party? FAIL

The Department of Justice (DOJ)

I was floored when I heard that the DOJ had dismissed the case on the individuals in this video.

Voting Poll

I was even more floored when an additional video was located on the individual holding the night stick


Are you kidding me? If this had been a white guy, there would have been a very fast trial and he would have been put away. Unreal. I still cant believe it every time I hear this...why isnt this guy in jail for hate speech or intimidation or a terroristic threat..


Obama (or whoever handles the stimulus money distribution)

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Sigh...I dont even know what to say....you dont think 15 million or even 5 million could have been spent on something else??

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Tired Mommy" Thursday

Again, it wont let me move pictures...weird.
OK, today was the zoo, in the rain!!
We were planning on going on Wednesday, but it was raining..since the weather was the same today, I thought what the heck. We had an umbrella and that is all we needed...there was some standing water...and the rain came and went and came and went again and so on....it was nice actually, there were very few people there AND it wasnt sweltering hot....it was pretty nice....

Meerkats wondering why all of the stupid humans are standing in the rain looking at them

Baby elephant.....ahhhh...

Giraffes are always cool

Boys in the rain

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"What's Up" Wednesday

Wow, we have been busy.

I couldnt move the pictures for some reason, so this is kind of out of order.

Here is Christian at Chuck E Cheese...feeling pretty good.
On Tuesday, we went to Kemah Boardwalk...I LOVE the sting rays, here are some pics of us feeding them...I wish I could have a tank of them in the backyard


Haden on one of the rides...

Boys on the train!

I got Christian to the dentist on Tuesday..he definitely fractured one of the roots and the other is pretty close to being fractured....he will more than likely lose the one tooth, possibly both....

You can see some blood on his lower lip...

Good thing the dentist office has arcade games (Ms. Pac Man and Donkey King...I love it!) and a train that goes through all of the rooms....very good distraction for the kids

Monday, July 5, 2010

"My Kids" Monday

So, I am off for the whole week, took vacation to try to do a few fun things with the boys.

Yesterday, at my parents, the kids were playing in the little pool and Christian got hit in the mouth, in the front teeth by Hadens head...sigh...it was horrible, blood was pouring, he was screaming, it took a bit to get the bleeding to stop...he would not stop screaming...I wanted to throw up I was so upset...both of his front teeth are loose...if the teeth had been his permanent teeth, I think I would have had a heart attack...he didnt eat anything all day today until about 9pm. His gums are black and blue and it appears there is some bleeding still, lots of blood clotting right at the gum line, I was finally able tonight to get some of that blood cleaned off, because until then, he has not let anyone near it. I have been giving him water by dropping it from a straw..it is horrible, if he doesnt lose those 2 teeth, it will be a miracle...I will be calling the dentist first thing to take him in...it hasnt stopped him much though, he has been running around the house and we even went to my cousins and went swimming...oh, and he played on the playground at McDonalds...

What is even more amazing, I figured they must have hit really hard to knock christians teeth loose, so hadens head must be hurt too....uh, no...not even a mark...that kid has one hard head...

So, yippee! Keep ya posted..

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Funny" Friday

Ok, I love this commercial, you have probably already seen it, but I am posting it here as well.


This is pretty funny too. I love Twilight parodies.


Have a good weekend everyone! I will be on vacation next week, trying to do a few fun things with the boys!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Twilight Saga" Thursday

Ok, for lack of any thing else at the moment starting with a T for Thursday, for now it will be this. We saw Eclipse last night. It was pretty good, but I didnt have the same emotion I did in New Moon. And honestly, Kristen Stewart did do better in this movie, but still, I just dont like her and cant get over her crappy acting...anyway..lots of Edward and shirtless Jacob...some pretty funny parts too...

Here is a pic of Victoria...I thought this actress did fine, but I think the first Victoria would have done better..My whole life I have wanted hair like this...BIATCH!

Here is a neat pic of the newborns about to attack..I love how they line up coming out

I LOVED this shot in the movie of the Cullens lined up and waiting to kick some ass...

And it would be blasphemous to not post some pics of Edward..sigh...

Poor Edward, so sad and tortured....

And of course some wolves...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"What's Up" Wednesday

I'll tell you "What's Up". Eclipse, thats what! Me and BFF Special K and Haden will be going to see it tonight at 7pm. Woo-Hoo! I am so excited! Edward, here I come!

Here is a funny story

Also, we had EAS (Efficient Attic Systems) come and give us an estimate....not good...we need a ton of stuff to get our attic to the recommended standards...ours is currently at 18%...thats pretty bad! No wonder our electric bills are so high and the house is so hot! If anyone knows someone who does that kind of thing for cheaper, let me know!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Idiots Walk Amongst Us" Tuesday

On the way home when I do most of my thinking, I came up with a brilliant idea. I will try to theme my blog, maybe it will prompt me to actually blog. So Tuesdays will be "We are surrounded by idiots Day". I will post things stupid people say or do. I could do this everyday, but guess I will keep it to one day.

Most of the idiots I post about will probably be political, as govt seems to be where the stupidest people flock.

So, here are the todays golden nuggets:

1) Needs a Geography Lesson

2) Tax Dollars at Work

3) Seriously? (The real idiotic part , minus the actual suobject of the article comes a few paragraphs form the end)

Would love to hear your comments!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who Can it be Now?

Hey all. I can't believe I have not blogged in almost a month. I have been so distracted...mainly with work....we are very busy and I am staying late more often.

Not too much going on in the Tyson household (thank goodness). Chris and I are going to be trying our hand at putting insulation into our attic this weekend. Good time to start too, temps are supposed to be 98-99. Should feel pretty good up there.

A few pics my MIL took of Haden recently...

Movies I have seen recently that I recommend:
The Road - sad and depressing, but good...makes you realize you should never forget how lucky you are to have food, electricity and clean drinking water
District 9 - ok, this movie freaked me out. Just weird to watch..I get the symbolism and all, but still weird....you should see it just to say you have, it actually got nominated for Best Picture at the last Oscars...make you appreciate not having to live in South Africa (or amongst extra terrestrials)
Toy Story 3 - I dont think Pixar can ever go wrong....this is such a good franchise...this last one was just as good as the others....if you are a woman, get ready to get a little choked up...makes you appreciate your toys.