Monday, August 23, 2010

Schools in!

There was a time long ago, and I mean long ago, where I had it together. I could remember anything and everything, I never paid a bill late, I didnt lose everything and I was early to places.
I am none of thise things anymore. I remeber nothing, I bill most bills late, I lose everything and I live in an altered reality where I think it takes less time to get places than it actually does.
Today my baby started the third grade. Really? Good just isnt possible.
And my baby, didnt want me to walk him to his classroom (not that I had much choice being I got him to the school as the bell was ringing).
Here are the pics he would let me take of him.

I got this one before he realized what I was doing and smiled instinctively.

No, he isnt crying, this was me trying to make him smile
This was him getting tired of me trying to make him smile.
Here is my new do, or some of it....
Whacked it off and got bangs, which I regretted 5 minutes after I did it, which happens every time I get them when forget how much I hate them.
I like it over all, the bangs are really annoying me...

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