Monday, October 18, 2010

Show me the money!!

Hello fellow bloggers.

I could write novels for days about all of the things that have been going on, but I choose not to...

So I will vent about one thing in particular: School Fundraisers

OK, I expect them, I know they are coming, I dont push people to buy, I might send an email or stick it on the table in the break room...but I dont push it...(I dont think)

This is what has happened in that arena so far this year.

Haden got his fundraiser book

Christian got his fundraiser book the same week I turned Haden's in...not a big deal except the books were exactly the same...great

Cub Scouts gives me their fundraising book - everyone wants to pay over $20 bucks for Popcorn right?

Christian gets yet ANOTHER books from his school - yankee candles

Hadens gets yet ANOTHER from his school - pies and cobblers

They have them within weeks of each other now...I know they need money but good grief. I have chosen not to even acknowledge the last ones from each...its not only people having to pay, but then I have to make sure I have everything right and all the money....seriously, I dont need extra things to do...

And now, some pics of Flat Stanleys vaca to Seattle...thanks Stanley for checking it out for me, I so want to go now...I want to go to the original Starbucks.....