Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hello all! Hope all is well....
Life on our end has been busy as usual....For those who didnt know, Chris started a new job and has been working right about a month now..
Work for me is incredibly busy and there is not enough time in the day too get it all done...
The boys are doing well in school..except maybe for Kaelen who thinks he is the smartest teenager who ever walked the planet and doesnt have to pay attention or even pass for that matter....
Haden finished up soccer, here are a few pics of his last game (Thanks Vivian!)

Christian eating a hot dog...
Me and Chris (good god, someone please take these boobs away from me!)
Kaelen being cool (too cool for anything)
On another note, I am going to try to get a seasonal job for the next few months..I have applied at Target (which is really about the only place I have any desire to apply). If you know of anywhere else that is hiring for the holidays (besides Walmart), let me know! I am a glutton for punishment thinking I can handle one more thing, but such is life.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Thursday, October 15, 2009

I always feel like somebodys watching me...

So last night, just walking through the house, I look down and see this...freaked me out a little, not often you see a pile of money with googley eyes...I took a pic

Got a close up..very odd

Couldnt catch it, it jumped to the floor...

Haden caught it with the fish tank net

He caught it!...and I didnt even have to call Geico...

LOL...real story....I bought some sticky eyeballs for Halloween..immediately, Haden thought we needed some money to put them on...I posted about the song while back

I had to run an errand so I stopped at Walmart and got some play money, then came home and we created the Geico money....Haden loved mad when I wouldnt let him take it to school with him this morning...

I wish that stack of money was real money

I thought it was funny..again, goes to show they all watch way too much TV.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Tysons

I finally made to one of Kaelen's FB games...a few pics..
He is #91 (of course)

This really made me laugh...I caught Christian putting his toys in the corner one day...poor guys! Who knows what they did!

If I only had a brain....

OK, I have given up....

I am just going to accept that my brain is losing mass or cells or something...I am pretty sure there is something going on now more than just too much for me to handle...I really think there is another issue..

last week..I lost my phone for a few days (nothing too unusual right). I found it, then lost it the next day again....then found it again....then lost it the next day and still am unable to locate it.

I lost my wallet about a week ago. Still cant find it...

Sunday went to my MIL's house. left my bag/purse. doesnt really matter since there is no wallet or phone in it, Chris went back to get it for me.

Today, Monday, forgot I need to find another ride for Haden home from school. It went out of my head the minute I walked out of the sitters door. Had to get a call from the school asking if anyone was ever going to pick him up...thankfully my mom, who doesnt work too far, had already left work and wasnt too far away. She picked him up and took him to the sitter.

I still havent not found my debit card, I think it has been gone almost 2 months now?

Just so you know...when I do find me phone...I dont think I am going to carry it with me anymore...I am sick of relying on it, since I lose it every 5 can catch me at work on at home in the evenings...Im done with that damn thing...if I break down, everyone else has a cell phone and I will use theirs.

I have also decided, I am only carrying cash with me from now on, no more debit cards. I cant keep up with them and if i have cash I will spend less.

I figure, we used to live without all of this stuff and I can do it again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time keeps on ticking into the future....

3 big events this week I am just now blogging about:

Tuesday was Chris and I's 8th year anniversary. That was also the same day we havd our 2nd Annual Block Party for National Night Out, so we didnt do anything. I am hoping we might be able to do a little something this weekend. Happy Anniversary baby!

Wednesday was Kaelens 15th birthday!!! I cant believe it...he towers over me about 5-6 inches...I remember when he was 4 years old...hard to believe he gorwing up so fast!

Happy Birthday Kaelen!

Oh, and we should be getting his driving permit soon, so I would suggest staying off of the raods...I will give yall a heads up when he is in the drivers seat.


I must be pretty annoying as I use several of these phrases frequently:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pink is my signature color....

Here are a few pics from the Komen walk this weekend.....

Here is what I learned this weekend participating in this race...
1) My ass is bigger than I thought
2) I need to buy a new pair of althletic shoes
3) People will wear the craziest things
4) There are men (albeit not heterosexual) that will wear fake eyelashes
5) Exercise is the key to my weight loss (this is the third week of weigh in and I had not lost 1, I lost 2....I ate like normal, meaning I ate whatever I wanted and how much ever I wanted and drank lots of coffee, but walked 3 miles on Saturday and still lost 2 pounds)
6)Getting up before 7 is for the birds, but not for me
7) Boobs no longer are sacred or hold any mystic...talking about boobs is like talking about a limb or our face...
Thanks to everyone who donated to my team!

Mum is the word...

Check it out....

Kaelens first Homecoming Date..

I didnt get to be there for these pics or for anything actually that night...I got these pics from Jordan's mom....I love how they each dress up for the occasion.

Kaelens whatever it is called...this was actually done very nicely

Jordan and her mum...the original version actually had a small stuffed deer glued to it..Chris kept calling it a cow. (notice she has holes in her pants)

Notice, he is wearing a plain white thin T-shirt...jeez...

I learned a few things from this Homecoming...
1) Florists will rip you off on Homecoming Mums
2) I can without a doubt make a better mum than the florist we got ours at and I am not even that crafty
3) Boys are horrible at planning ahead, very horrible
4) I didnt keep my 2 homecoming mums I got in high school...thank goodness, because I would have never lived it down
I would like to do a small album of Kaelens freshman year, but as BFF Scrappy K knows, I have said that hundreds of times and still have no albums to show for it...
Sigh, I need a wife