Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Moon....

OK, so they just released some New Moon Posters...this one is of course my favorite...

It will need to be added to my office collection....

If you want to see the rest (and less important) posters, you can go here...

Then, of course, there is this little tid bit of information.

I dont like this. Actually, I dont like her. She is just weird and a bad actress. He needs to date other people, not her. And, when they break up, and they will, if they haven't finished filming the movies, their onscreen chemistry is going to stink because they hate each other. This is going to be a disaster on many levels. Dont they realize the impact of their relationship on the rest of the world?
Honestly...I really dont care....as much as it appears....:-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And that's all I have to say about that.....

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Pretty uneventful day...soccer game in the morning, Haden did well, need to get a new adapter before I can download pics..mines not working...I have determined those things dont last very long...

Spent a lot of time working on a mini emergency from home (for work), coordinating stuff being sent, printed and delivered in New York..

cleaned, weeded, laundry, yada, yada, yada

Poppa T busted his butt working on the yard -- mowing, edging, wedding, cleaning off the back patio area...looks awesome!

It doesnt get anymore exciting than that folks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I am into week 2 of my weight loss competition. I did well the first week, I got on the elliptical once, I have not had any coffee and half a soda on the weekend, drinking only water and tea and I think I had a few cookies on Saturday.

Monday weigh in....didnt lose anything, not even 1 pound....damn it!!....what the *&@!@*_)

but I am still motivated...still havent had any coffee and am going to drink just water, no tea...I got on the elliptical last night...so I am off to a good start...

I have siginificantly reduced the size of my meals and have been trying to have healthy snacks between.....

I think the reduction in calories is effecting me...sometimes I will feel exhausted just sitting here...and at times I will just feel not right...and I have had a few headaches...I guess it could be the reduction in caffeine too....

So I am still this...

A large flabby but cute and cuddly sea mammal swimming through the day...:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For the Non Team Edwarders....

I saw this...


Not a bad picture of Emmett, maybe I should get this to go with my GQ edition with Rodward on the cover!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dancing King...

OK, day 2 of weight loss competition..doing fine except I am starving and craving anything chocolate..jeez...seriously..and I want coffee in a bad way....I am thinking maybe some decaf might at least get me my coffee taste fix

I am going to need to find stuff that keeps me fuller longer....

Will this keep me fuller longer?

On a sad note, Patrick Swayze died. Now here is a celebrity I actually feel bad that died. He was a good guy, made good movies and loved his wife. He fought the good fight and I am sad he is gone.

"Nobody put sBaby in a corner."
RIP, Mr. Swayze

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cute boys...

I came across this picture of Haden on his first day of school. Hard to believe he was that little and i didnt realize how much darker his hair already at 3. Maybe Christians will stay lighter!

Anyone there???

I forgot how busy this trial business is....you wouldnt think there would be that much to do, but there is!

Today is the start of my weight loss competition....this morning the scale showed ......

Ha! Like I am going to post that information....anyway, I for sure have some work ahead of me.

This morning, I had a bag of frosted mini wheats (dry) and a bottle of water.

Lunch consisted of a small lunchable (without the oreos) and a snack size piece of cheese.

And I am drinking tea.

Tonight, I hope to get on the elliptical for at least 10-15 minutes.

Sigh.....trying to lose weight sucketh....

This is me now....fat and cute..like the Manatee!! Isnt it cute!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sweet baby little man Christian

Sigh...they grow up so fast, we grow old so fast.

Christian's first day..he was a little bit nervous about sitting in his seat, but other than that, he did great! No crying, I kissed him bye and said we would see him later..he had no problem!

After we picked him up, I asked him what he did and he said someting about the playground..so I knew they had gone out to play.

I was a little sad, just a little, to see him growing up so fast...and soon he wont want to snuggle with me, which he does all the time now...but at the same time I was happy to see him growing up and becoming more independent....my little man....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oreos are cool...

I love Oreos, specifically double stuff Oreos. I try not to buy them though. Why? Because I will eat the WHOLE pack..throw some milk in with them and it is OVAH!!

Well, Memaw brought us some a few weeks ago and Christian decided he wanted some (I was very good, i dont think I ate even 1 out of the pack)
Here is what he did with them:

He doesnt eat the chocolate parts, he eats the inside. But for some reason, he thought it woulod be even better to smear the inside all over him...srsly...I sometimes wonder if my children have inherited my mental disorders! Poor kids...they never had a chance!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is what it is....

I thought I would do a post like my BFF Special K did about "My Life Now" and what my life has become:
-- I forget my phone on a regular basis...not just every now and then.
-- I misplace my debit card on a regular basis, in fact, I have one missing now, no clue where it is..but I know it will turn up, it always does
-- because I misplace my debit card on a regular basis, I get in the line at Walmart (or other store) and end up not having a way to pay for the 2 baskets of food and such I just purchased...sometimes I am able to locate some other form of payment and possibly a check, but there have been times I have had to put everything in the basket and go home and get some form of payment and then come back.
-- I write things down in my calendar and still forget them
-- I go through several other childrens names when calling to one of my children and sometimes I throw in the dogs name
-- It takes me extended amounts of time to remember where things in the store are, after I have been going to that same store for years.
-- Once, I got into the drive through at Starbucks, and was about to order when I realized I had already stopped at the other local coffee shop and got coffee (I obviously hadnt drank enough of that coffee yet)
-- I have had my electricity turned off because I just forget to pay the bill, not because I dont have the money
-- Sunday, I slept until 1pm. I had plans at 2. I had no clue I had slept that long, I didnt drink too much the night before, I did go to bed late, but since I had no kids, my body needed 12+ hours
-- On my way to go to said plans, the front door deadbolt was locked and I could not find any keys to unlock it. I had to walk out of the back door to get to the front to wait for Special K to pick me up.
-- On my way into same said plans, Special K informed me I had a big spot on my pants, right on my ass, it appears I sat in something greasy..
-- Of all of the things I have listed above, my only reaction is an eye roll and I move on...I just dont care anymore...it is just the way it is...

I have a pic for my last entry

-- Remember this post? Go there first...

Here was what happened last week....

Isnt there some quote about remembering the past so history doesnt repeat itself or something like that..I guess I should find that quote...