Thursday, July 15, 2010

"FAIL" Thursday

I still continue to be amazed when people or organizations do real bone-head stuff, it just seems people do not think at all before doing certain things

The Tea Party

I like what the Tea Party stands for - stopping the ever expanding govt, stop raising taxes, etc.

But seriously, what dumb a*& thought this was going to get their message across

I am not an Obama fan by any means, but I dont think he is like Lenin or Hitler...come on! You didnt think this would reflect negatively on the entire party? FAIL

The Department of Justice (DOJ)

I was floored when I heard that the DOJ had dismissed the case on the individuals in this video.

Voting Poll

I was even more floored when an additional video was located on the individual holding the night stick


Are you kidding me? If this had been a white guy, there would have been a very fast trial and he would have been put away. Unreal. I still cant believe it every time I hear this...why isnt this guy in jail for hate speech or intimidation or a terroristic threat..


Obama (or whoever handles the stimulus money distribution)

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Sigh...I dont even know what to dont think 15 million or even 5 million could have been spent on something else??

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Tired Mommy" Thursday

Again, it wont let me move pictures...weird.
OK, today was the zoo, in the rain!!
We were planning on going on Wednesday, but it was raining..since the weather was the same today, I thought what the heck. We had an umbrella and that is all we needed...there was some standing water...and the rain came and went and came and went again and so was nice actually, there were very few people there AND it wasnt sweltering was pretty nice....

Meerkats wondering why all of the stupid humans are standing in the rain looking at them

Baby elephant.....ahhhh...

Giraffes are always cool

Boys in the rain

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"What's Up" Wednesday

Wow, we have been busy.

I couldnt move the pictures for some reason, so this is kind of out of order.

Here is Christian at Chuck E Cheese...feeling pretty good.
On Tuesday, we went to Kemah Boardwalk...I LOVE the sting rays, here are some pics of us feeding them...I wish I could have a tank of them in the backyard


Haden on one of the rides...

Boys on the train!

I got Christian to the dentist on Tuesday..he definitely fractured one of the roots and the other is pretty close to being fractured....he will more than likely lose the one tooth, possibly both....

You can see some blood on his lower lip...

Good thing the dentist office has arcade games (Ms. Pac Man and Donkey King...I love it!) and a train that goes through all of the rooms....very good distraction for the kids

Monday, July 5, 2010

"My Kids" Monday

So, I am off for the whole week, took vacation to try to do a few fun things with the boys.

Yesterday, at my parents, the kids were playing in the little pool and Christian got hit in the mouth, in the front teeth by Hadens was horrible, blood was pouring, he was screaming, it took a bit to get the bleeding to stop...he would not stop screaming...I wanted to throw up I was so upset...both of his front teeth are loose...if the teeth had been his permanent teeth, I think I would have had a heart attack...he didnt eat anything all day today until about 9pm. His gums are black and blue and it appears there is some bleeding still, lots of blood clotting right at the gum line, I was finally able tonight to get some of that blood cleaned off, because until then, he has not let anyone near it. I have been giving him water by dropping it from a is horrible, if he doesnt lose those 2 teeth, it will be a miracle...I will be calling the dentist first thing to take him hasnt stopped him much though, he has been running around the house and we even went to my cousins and went swimming...oh, and he played on the playground at McDonalds...

What is even more amazing, I figured they must have hit really hard to knock christians teeth loose, so hadens head must be hurt too....uh, no...not even a mark...that kid has one hard head...

So, yippee! Keep ya posted..

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Funny" Friday

Ok, I love this commercial, you have probably already seen it, but I am posting it here as well.


This is pretty funny too. I love Twilight parodies.


Have a good weekend everyone! I will be on vacation next week, trying to do a few fun things with the boys!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Twilight Saga" Thursday

Ok, for lack of any thing else at the moment starting with a T for Thursday, for now it will be this. We saw Eclipse last night. It was pretty good, but I didnt have the same emotion I did in New Moon. And honestly, Kristen Stewart did do better in this movie, but still, I just dont like her and cant get over her crappy acting...anyway..lots of Edward and shirtless Jacob...some pretty funny parts too...

Here is a pic of Victoria...I thought this actress did fine, but I think the first Victoria would have done better..My whole life I have wanted hair like this...BIATCH!

Here is a neat pic of the newborns about to attack..I love how they line up coming out

I LOVED this shot in the movie of the Cullens lined up and waiting to kick some ass...

And it would be blasphemous to not post some pics of Edward..sigh...

Poor Edward, so sad and tortured....

And of course some wolves...