Monday, December 29, 2008

Can we do it? Yes we can!!!, Hope > Fear, and other stupid Obama slogans...

Here is what I am hoping to accomplish this upcoming year:

1) Eat Healthier
2) Reduce my debt by 50% or more
3) Find other Twilight posters to hang in my office
4) Talk Chris into letting me get Buddy neutered
5) Finish our outstanding home improvements
6) Do all I can from having to commit myself into the mental institution as I feel I am always on the brink at any given moment
7) Start Christmas shopping in March
8) Hold other people's precious babies
9) Buy the Twilight DVD when it comes out (hopefully it will have a bonus disc)
10) Clean out the astrocity known as our garage and closet

I am pretty sure I can accomplish all of these things....:)

What are some (realistic) things you are wanting to accomplish this new year??

5 I dont hate comments!:

Twerd K said...

Your tantrum of the day pics are hilarious. They seem to be very calm and contained tantrums!

Momma T said...

Surprisingly yes, no flinging or screaming...I can handle these type of tantrums..

Becky said...

I stated and rescinded a resolution just this afternoon. I am going to have to work much harder on mine. I like your list. I need to stop trying to be so "deep".

Paisley Petals said...

You're motivating me to want to post some real resolutions - at least crafty ones. If I blog them then I'm much more likely to keep them!

tasha said...

i resolve to not make any resolutions that will stress me out.. as i try to accomplish them.. LOL

actually.. i resolve to not wear the size 11 pants i bought today for more than a month.