Thursday, December 25, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

Ahhh...Isn't it great to have a White Christmas????
Oh, Oh wait...sorry, I was daydreaming....I almost forgot it was like 95 with a 100% humidity....I guess this will give the global warming worshipers something to throw in our faces...
Anyway, lots of happenings these last few days with the tidal wave of gifts, food and happy smiling little boys faces!
Sigh..I love Christmas, but it sure seemed much more fun when I was the kid and not the crazy parent running around for weeks for gifts and food all while being very busy at work and trying to fit some sleep in there somewhere..

Christmas Eve

Kaelen didnt open any gifts, he got gift cards and money!

Haden opening a gift..this was a Transformer..he got some cars, a Razr scooter and some new movies, Batman and Horton Hears a Who!

It was Jurassic night for Christian, got a bunch of new dinosaurs from grandparents and a neat scooter with 3 wheels, perfect for him.

We had a lot of fun with everyone, Chris made some great chili! But it was one of the longest days for me, I was up before 6am and heading to Walmart and several other stores for last minute gifts and food and up until after 12 preparing for Santas arrival!!!

Christmas Morning

Luckily, we got to sleep in until about 9am! It was great!!!

Let the craziness begin..

Christian in front of his pile
Kaelens pile
Haden and his mass quantities of gifts..Santa needs to get a grip...

Christian recalling from the night before how fun it is to open presents, behind him is Hadens pile.
One of Christians big gifts from Santa..

Its Mack!

Christian opening a blanket Handmade by Krafty BFF Special K! It is Mickey and Minnie Mouse and soooo soft...

His reaction after carefully opening each gift was "Oh, Cool!" and he quickly moved onto the next.

He booty included lots of Cars cars, Mack, mickey mouse stuff, some books..and some other crap I cant recall at this moment in time...
Santa brought Haden something he has been wanting forever! ANintendo DS! He was very excited.

Another gift from Santa -- a gumball machine...maybe Santa and I need to have a chat.

He made out with the DS, some accesories, some games, some books, some cars, Iron Man and some other stuff I cant remember...

Look isnt that penguin cute?? Oh look, it poops...ahhh...isnt that cute?? Again, whats up with some of Santa's decisions?? Jeez...
Kaelen looking at a book on American Classic cars. I just never seem to get too many pictures of him! He made out with a dart board, some CD's, a CD case, a big book and a Texans cheerleaders calendar...some Longhorn stuff too!

Some of the aftermath!! Lord help us!

This is when I need to have a maid on speed dial. Its worth the extra money.

2 I dont hate comments!:

BFF Blanket Maker K said...

Running around for weeks? I thought it was more like these last few days!

Momma T said...

Thanks BFF!!!!!

It was actually because I had no time since Thanksgiving that the last few days were so hectic! Thanks for clarifying!!