Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twerd is the word...

BFF Soon to be Twerd K came across a new term that I believe should be added to Websters.

Twilight Nerd = Twerd

Twerd would definitely describe me..

I have read the first book twice, am about to start on the second book for the second time..

I have the soundtrack, listen to it constantly..

Will buy the score, I believe it comes out today...

Have watched the movie four times..I will see it again when BFF Special K reads the book...actually, Becky, you should come with too, we can all see it again together.

There is a companion book I want to get (background, pics I havent seen before), saw it at the bookstore yesterday, but havent given in yet.

I watch the celebrity blogs daily to see any scoop on the character who plays Edward (Robert Pattinson) and any other news on the remaining movies..in case you didnt know, the second book, New Moon has been given the greenlight, minus the original director (I am actually happy about this).

I am not sure why I am like this, it really isnt explainable. The books are geared more for the teenage girl, parts are very sappy, especially the book. The movie was good but definitely left a lot to be desired after reading the book. Since the first movie did so well, I am hoping a much larger budget will be available for the second one. So I am not sure why I am so into it. I have always liked vampire stories, I was a big Ann Rice Fan..but it is just a good story, different than most vamp tales and just all around entertaining.

I think I may also have Kaelen almost convinced to start reading it, we will see!
Here is a site that has done some great posts on Twilight..some mocking, some serious..fun.

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Katie said...

I am reading the fourth book now and I am dragging it out because I am not ready for it to be over! I am so envious that you have seen the movie more than once.