Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So, when I drop Haden off at school in the morning I say my usual..

Be Good
Remember what we talked about
Pay Attention
Listen to Ms. Ogden
I love you..

This morning he says back to me

"Dont get fired from your job!"

I bust out laughing....OK, I said, Ill try not to.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I also wanted to share these.


Guten Tag!!

Weight Loss Update: I did not lose or gain any weight last week. I guess I can contribute that to girls night in at Bff Special K's house. Oh, and I drank half a bottle of wine...

Last night, we went to the rodeo and saw Kenny Chesney. My camera is broke so I ran to Walmart to get a small point and shoot digital camera, they had a crappy selection, so I cant say I am too happy with my purchase. It takes fairly good pictures though.

My pictures are out of order, so....

This was Haden waiting for the concert to begin
Daddy and Christian

The guys racing remote control cars and the Ford area

Christian on a ride, sorry it is sideways


A Big Ass cow!

Cow butts!

This rabbit was huge, hard to tell from the pic but it was enormous

Lots of Guinea Pigs (I have a soft spot for guinea pigs)

Christian checking out the rabbits

Pig (from a wierd angle), thats a lot of bacon!

A wallaby

Goat hugs

goat pets!

Potbelly pig! (Did you know I used to own one of these?)

The little camera did ok, I guess. It was nice to have something so small and to be able to look through the LCD display instead of the eye was pretty good with lots of light, but not so much when there wasnt'll do until I can get my Canon fixed