Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Daze

So, fairly typical first days of school...

Haden, as usual, can't remember anything he did..he does remember a trouble making girl who was in his Kindergarten class is in his class this year...and that the kid next to him doesnt talk much, which he was happy about, because that is why he got in trouble last year, the people next to him MAKING him talk all the time....

Kaelen didnt have much to say, I asked him about every class and he didnt have too much info to share..he actually did give me papers to sign and supply lists, this is a big step for him! And last night he was very persistent about getting to the store to get a few more supplies he needed, he wanted to make sure he had them the next day..this too is a big step! He doesnt usually say anything until 5 minutes before we walk out the door. When I went to put the signed papers back into his bag, he had to make sure I put it in the right folder, because he "needs to be organized this year. That was his problem last year." Eye Roll!! Really? You dont say! I told him that on a DAILY basis..its like talking to a wall.

Oh, and we can barely drag him out of bed by 8am, this from the kid who thought he was mature and responsible enough to stay up til 1am!

Christian starts September 3. I am worried, I just dont know how he is going to do! All my boys are growing up....I am excited for sure, but what about my babies? Christian still likes to cuddle with me...soon he will be like Haden and not let me! Whats up with that??


My dorky pesky little brother will be getting out of the Navy this Friday after a 7 or so year stint. He and his family will be moving back to Texas, to Baytown! This is very exciting, as he has been all over the place these last years..we will see them on Holidays and be able to see the girls much more frequently! Yippee!!!

3 I dont hate comments!:

Becky said...

It is so hard to have the last little one grow up!

Yay for family moving to town!

Emily, et. al. said...

Where is your brother based now? I have a step brother who has been in the Navy for about 15 years. I think he's Conn. now but was in HI for a long time before that.

Momma T said...

He was based in VA then most recently got sent to San Diego, but he is completely out and is now home in Houston!