Monday, August 17, 2009

My weekend in a nutshell..

** Saturday - went to Kroger and fought the masses..double coupons! it was a mad house, was there 2 1/2 hours, spent like 45 minutes in line, met a few pretty interestin people, almost missed by 1 pm pedicure appt. b/c of the dang line. But I did make it and it was awesome! A great pedicure I really needed! Then I went home and took Kaelen to get some shoes and dropped Haden at Incredible Pizza for a birthday party. Chris and Haden went fishing so it was me and the little ones. Couldnt get them down until about 11pm. Ugghhh...

** Sunday - I went to visit my parents and check on the progress of their house. I am WOEFULLY behind in posting pics of the construction. Me and the boys stayed for a few hours and then headed home. When I got home we set up, Christians BIG BOY BED! Since I took off the side of his crib, he never would sleep in it again, so we have been sleeping on the floor (lovely) or he has been with us in our bed...I have pics, but not with me!
Last night he spent the whole night in his bed! It was great! I hope it continues.

Thats it...I think I got a few loads of laundry done, but that was about it. I have pretty much given up on cleaning.

I am obviously not very good at training the others in the it will have to make do the way it is!

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