Monday, August 24, 2009

Ahhh... the return of sanity..

Thank you Jesus for te beginning of school and the end of summer...sure, used to be fun when I was a an adult? Not so much...back is a schedule, a routine, some (even if not much) consistency...
Kaelen (being so much older and mature these days) thought he was being very mature about asking, if he did good about getting up with a bedtime of 11, maybe we could then allow him to stay up, say, no later than 1??? This was followed by Mom rolling on the floor laughing
So, he was in bed by 10:30 last night, and it still took I dont know how many times to get him far that is working real well for him.
I made Haden's lunch this morning, I needed to write his name in the lunch box...he wanted to do it so I let him and he wrote "Haden in the 2nd grade". He was quite proud of himself (lol). I was able to squeeze in Tyson so they would know which Haden in the second grade.

Christian was none too happy about our schedule change....he seemed confused and was pouty...I am really wondering how he is going to do at school.
Me, I got up before dawn..ugghhh...I get spoiled in the summer, as I have no real, fast hard schedule....I too am confused and pouty about this schedule change.

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Paisley Petals said...

You crack me up. Thrilled to have them back in school but pouty in the mornings now! Was today Christian's first day, too?! If so, where's his picture??

Momma T said...

He doesnt start until Sept 3rd. I think I will have to take that day off too....I dont think he is going to be too happy when I walk out pf the room!