Thursday, July 15, 2010

"FAIL" Thursday

I still continue to be amazed when people or organizations do real bone-head stuff, it just seems people do not think at all before doing certain things

The Tea Party

I like what the Tea Party stands for - stopping the ever expanding govt, stop raising taxes, etc.

But seriously, what dumb a*& thought this was going to get their message across

I am not an Obama fan by any means, but I dont think he is like Lenin or Hitler...come on! You didnt think this would reflect negatively on the entire party? FAIL

The Department of Justice (DOJ)

I was floored when I heard that the DOJ had dismissed the case on the individuals in this video.

Voting Poll

I was even more floored when an additional video was located on the individual holding the night stick


Are you kidding me? If this had been a white guy, there would have been a very fast trial and he would have been put away. Unreal. I still cant believe it every time I hear this...why isnt this guy in jail for hate speech or intimidation or a terroristic threat..


Obama (or whoever handles the stimulus money distribution)

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

Sigh...I dont even know what to dont think 15 million or even 5 million could have been spent on something else??

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