Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello! Yes, I am still alive.

Things have finally settled down (I guess) and life is back to normal (I guess).

I pulled this list from my blog post last year about New Years Resolutions. This is what I wanted to accomplish in 2009:

1) Eat Healthier - didnt do it

2) Reduce my debt by 50% or more - didnt do it, probably actually got worse

3) Find other Twilight posters to hang in my office - cool! I did something, I do have an extra Edward poster in my office

4) Talk Chris into letting me get Buddy neutered - Buddy ran away so we didnt have to worry about this one

5) Finish our outstanding home improvements - didnt happen

6) Do all I can from having to commit myself into the mental institution as I feel I am always on the brink at any given moment - I guess I accomplished this since I am not in a mental instition (or am i?)

7) Start Christmas shopping in March - not even close

8) Hold other people's precious babies - i did get to do this, Karen's sweet girl

9) Buy the Twilight DVD when it comes out (hopefully it will have a bonus disc) - did it!

10) Clean out the astrocity known as our garage and closet - I think this got done at one point, but got back cluttered again

OK, so for this year(2010):

1) Eat healthier
2) Exercise
3) Do all of that listed above for 2009....

Sigh, not much for originality I guess.

And my irk for the day, there seems to be this ongoing discussion about whether we should call the New Year twenty ten or two thousand ten.

Is there really an issue about this? Uh...did we call 2009 twenty oh nine? Its two thousand ten, doesnt take any longer to say than two thousand nine. Jeez...we can be that lazy or off track as a society can we?

1 I dont hate comments!:

Paisley Petals said...

yippee yay! you're back!

I kinda like twenty ten. I didn't realize there is drama about it...people know what you're talking about either way!

Come hold this baby more often ;)