Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Body of Mine,

We have been through 34 very long years together. We have had a great symbiotic relationship. You have allowed me to breathe and walk and drive thus allowing me to do things. I have fed you and rested you and dressed you. You have given me children. I have washed you and made you smell good.

How can you do this to me? How much sleep do you really need to feel rested? Cant you give me a break? I mean, everything I do, essentially, I do for you. I feed you the most yummiest food there is. I regularly give you pretty toes and keep the face from breaking out. I wash the hair and exfoliate as much as possible. All I ask for is some energy! PLEASE! I go to sleep as early as possible and get up as late as possible, still, that isnt enough for you!! What do you want from me? Do you really want me to exercise? I know you and I cant imagine that is what you want...that just puts more stress on you, and I cant imagine that would make you happy.

So please, just tell me what ELSE I can give to you. I need some energy, I need to be able to go about my business feeling rested, because if I cant do a good job at work, then I have no money to put sweet smelling liquid on your skin or shampoo in your hair. Think about that! Feel free to reply at your earliest convenience. In the mean time, I will be drinking coffee, trying to put a fire under your butt to get you moving.

Hope to hear from you soon.

You inhabitant,


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*Lisa* said...

Ha! I almost choked on my Dr Pepper. This is hilarious and SO TRUE. If your body gets back to with an answer--please let me know and I write my body a blog too!