Friday, February 19, 2010

Day # ...lost track already

This week has been fine, been trying to eat less and better, not really counting calories, just paying attention. My pants already fit looser, not sure if that is because of my diet changes or that time of the

But I must skip over all of that excitement and turn to Tiger Woods. As soon as this whole thing began with him, I immediately started rolling my eyes. I knew what the media would do and I knew it was going to be ridiculus.

I got angry when the women started coming out of the woodwork, the speculation of what happened to him the night he wrecked his car, yada, yada...and I didnt go looking for this info, it was all over the headlines of the blogs I regularly read and the main media networks I peruse. I got mad because this is none of our business. It is between him and his family and maybe his sponsors. It is so disturbing that our society places such importance on people like him. Sure, he is great at what he does, no doubt. But that doesnt make him a better person than the rest of us. Why was he placed on such a pedestal? Why was everyone so fascinated at his downfall?And now he feels compelled to apologize to whoever. He owes no apologies to anyone except his family. Not the public, not the golf community, no one else but them.

So of course, much to my dismay, this morning on GMA, the top story was Tiger Woods, ahead of the guy that flew a plane into a federal building. Seriously? Tiger Woods is more important than that? It disgusts me. If I was watching ESPN I would expect it. Tabloid sites, it is expected; I shouldnt expect it to be the lead story on ABC. Maybe the third or fourth. Sad, very sad....but I guess that is what it is coming to these days....

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