Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Cousin Rocks..and so does soccer

OK, so I read my cousin's blog today and it reminds me, oh yeah, I have pictures from this weekend to post of Haden's soccer game. Yippee! Then I realize, I didnt have my memory card in the camera when I was snapping away at the game. Good one, H, good one. Good thing my cousin is an awesome pic taker and probably got better pics than I did anyway! AND we will be playing each other this weekend, if we dont get rained out, and maybe she can bet some good shots since we will be in the same field! Good thing, I may forget my head at home.

About the game, I loved it, it was the first soccer game I have ever been to, as we have always been into baseball. It was awesome, at first I was complaining about the games being at 8am, then realized quickly, that was a good thing. Saturday morning happened to be COOL and we were done by 9 and on our way. The kids were so cute, Haden loved it and did pretty well for having only had one practice before this game. He was very into it as you can see from Tasha's pics. So we went and got some soccer gear, some new cleats and some shin pads, which I can see should be very beneficial. The league is awesome as Tasha describes for many reasons. I think I am really going to enjoy soccer.

For those of you not familiar with soccer, here is a famous soccer player, David Beckham, he is uber rich and uber popular, maybe this could be Haden and Ashton some day!

2 I dont hate comments!:

tasha said...

how weird. your camera lets you take pictures without a card?? mine blinks at me.

i got a few more from that day too.. after our game this weekend.. hopefully.. i will put them all together.

stupid hurricane better not ruin my boys soccer game though.. LOL

tasha said...

so.. coach just called.
game is canceled saturday. M'EH.

ill still get good pics of him in action though... ill come to your side of the field for half a game or somethign the following week.