Thursday, September 4, 2008

I hate working

OK, since I have been busier at work, I have not had as much time to blog and it really makes me sad. I mean, seriously, having to work at work? What kind of a creep came up with that idea?

Anyway, so, for the Labor Day/Gustav/where do we go, what do we do! weekend, we went to the Corpus area for my nieces birthday party...

Before the party we had to check out the local beach at Port Aransas, not too far from Padre, which I heard was great and really nice..mmm...not so much

Check out this lovely site....nice blogs of oil all over the beach, I had to replace the boys shoes after parents said when they went before it was much nicer, it didnt look like this...

My goofy feet , this pic make me look like I have dwarf feet

The boys building a sand castle, not in the oil though

We passed this store that had a giant shark in the parking lot, got pics of Haden

We went into another shop known for the fattest cat in texas, he is, he weighs 28 lbs and only eats 1 cup of food a day....needless to say, he didnt move much

On the way up there, a few pics of Hannah and Christian, she is such a sweet girl, so well-behaved and polite..I want one of those!!

Here is a pic of my dorky brother...I had to take a pic b/c i think this is the first time ever I have not seen him in a ratty t-shirt or concert T with cussing on it..It was history, he wasnt too happy about it, but he had to take some family pics, so he had no choice.
Here is Savanna, the baby, she is precious, walking now...she LOVED the balloons..

Here is Danielle's bday cake and everyone waiting to eat

This cracked me up, she wouldnt even wait for the fork...

Hannah staring at the cake, just wanting to get the cake in front of her...And the best part of all, opening presents...

It was great to see them again, hadnt seen them since Easter...
Of course, with the hurricane maybe/maybe not/possibly/on one model/the end of time coming, I spent most of my time thinking about whether we had to stay down there or come home, talking to Chris about him getting the home ready for the storm and him possibly having to stay 3 days at the hospital....good times!

2 I dont hate comments!:

Kooky K said...

Hannah and Christian look like they could be brother & sister!

tasha said...

oh my goodness.. they are sooo big.

that oil is disgusting.. i would have played mean mom role and told them NO BEACH FOR YOU!