Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day Whatever (all I know is it is the LAST day)

OK, I am just a loser, I have drug out blogging our vacation 2 weeks ago so long, that I barely remember everything we did....

OK, so on the last day, we went shopping. I got no pictures of this, but I gave Kaelen and Poppa T the option of going on home with the baby and Haden and I would stay back and shop. Chris volunteered to go ahead and do the shopping..so, that what we did at the San Marcos outlet shops. Had the guys not been there, I would have defintely spent more time going inot more stores and spending more time in each, so it was a condensed version of shopping, but still fun. Chris did so good, he did not complain or gripe about the shopping the whole time, I think he knew better since he had the option. Kaelen on the other hand did plenty of griping.

We got a few things and then were starving so we stopped at a fast food place they had down in the area called Wienerschnitzel, they had hot dogs and such. it was pretty good!! Then we headed home, other than Poppa T and I getting into an argument on directions, it was good.

We saw this nice pretty rainbow

We caught up with Poppa T and got to see Christian

Story: Sometime after this pic, Christian threw his binky out the window. I thought this was ok, since maybe this would force me to not give him the binky, as it was the only one we had. He didnt do so hot, trouble going to sleep and sleeping through the night, which in turn means I did not sleep well and that aint gonna fly so we had to buy some more binkies. Momma T just isnt ready to part with it yet.

My new, way cool shades (please ignore double chin)

Story: OK, so when my mom and I went to Gruene, we found the really neat retro sunglasses, I got these and my mom got a black and white pair. I love them! But of course Kaelen and Poppa T had to make fun of me..so Kaelen snapped a pic, I also caught him doing this with my cool shades

But, as usually happens, all good things must end. I left my cool new retro shades on the couch last week and they got broken..sigh..oh well

2 I dont hate comments!:

Special K said...

Good thing you have two backup pairs of sunglasses that I gave you!

tasha said...

yeah.. i am willing to bet it wasnt an accident they got broken?? LOL