Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 4 (Has it really only been 4 days?)

Sigh...Day 4, Friday - We drove to San Antonio to visit our friends Cliff and Katie...

This is Brooke, she is only 1 week older than Christian..they are going to get married someday, this is what Katie and I have decided at least

This is Andrew - Drew - he is 4 months (?)

Katie and a really cute baby (I want one!)

Happy Cute baby

Haden in the pool

Bubba in the pool

Little Ms. Brooke, this girl is brave, she just jumped right in with this life vest on..

Brothers playing..

While we were at the pool, Daddy Cliff arrived home from work, a very long grueling day at the office....ya know there is a war going on right?

Look at my shoe..I think there is water in it...

Ummm...I am thirsty, let me drink it, it looks yummy

Got to get down in there deeper to get all of it

I little bit later, we got ready and traveled to the Riverwalk...

Story later about the glasses...

Cliff and that really cute baby again...



The Alamo

Boys in front of the Alamo...GOD BLESS TEXAS!

Cliff and Katie were unbelievable..he has this back carrier

and she has this front carrier...I dont know how they do it, but they do it all the time! It hurt my back just watching them! Is this hat pink? What kind of self-respecting marine would let his son wear a pink hat!!

Haden in front of Alamo

Kaelen mingling with the natives

Brooke petting the horse, what you dont see are pics of before hand when there was NO way she was touching that horse...

Haden being brave

The gang

OK, so we stopped and got ice cream before we left..they had a machine that spits out eggs with prizes..we got some red lips....Christian decided to eat his ice cream with the lips...

Not sure what to say here..I guess he just couldnt stand the excitement of it all!!

Cute baby eating ice cream and really liking it

Drew just being cute (I want one!)

Another funny thing that happened at the Riverwalk occured when we were in the mall area..we are walking along and this guy is walking and just trips and falls flat on his face and then stumbles back up and is obviously VERY intoxicated...everyone thought it was hysterical...a few minutes later we see him sitting on the sidewalk talking to the cops, this guys was so toasted it was unreal...
Anyway, later this night we drove to San Marcos and got a hotel room. We needed our rest for the Outlet Mall the next days....Ummm...Outlet is HUGE! Makes Momma T very happy....

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Katie said...

I am so glad you guys came to visit! The pictures you took are wonderful. Can't wait for Christian and Brooke to get married.