Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did ya miss us?

We are back!
Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Both I guess...for those who care (all 2 of you), here is a summary of each day of our recent Vaca....the excitement never ends in the Tyson household.

Day 1 - Monday

Running the usual errands...trying to get last minute things for the trip, wash clothes, finish packing, post office, yada, yada...
We decided to leave Monday night, the initial plan was to leave early Tuesday morning, we left around 10pm. Yikes you say!! But it was good, no traffic, little ones fell asleep..tried to find a reasonable hotel...ended up at the Rodeway Inn right outside of San Antonio, definitely not a 4 star, or 3 or 2 or now that I think about it, not even a 1, but it worked for us to get some sleep. Got there about 1:30, 2:00am or so...took another hour to get everyone back asleep...good times...Kaelen had to go on and on about how we were in the Ghetto and were about to get knifed, soooo dramatic..but by pure luck we survived until 8am the next morning when we all awoke and got dressed for a fun filled day at Seaworld...

Day 2 - Tuesday

Seaworld! Yippee! I just love really is a lot of fun..I love the Penguins and of course, the stingrays..and who can forget Shamu! But unfortunately for us, we didnt get to see any of them on this trip.
I must digress first...after we made it out of the 5th ward unscathed, we needed to obtain energy for our marine adventure. So we stopped at McDonalds. No problem, we have done it a million times, but Momma T is being extra generous on this trip. Haden want pancakes and syrup. I little voice screams to me NO, but I ignore that voice. Ok, I say, sure why not. Mind you, we aren't inside McDonalds, we are in my truck. Me and three hungry boys. So, while everyone else gets the standard sausage and biscuits, I get Haden hot cakes and syrup. Well, by the time we get to Seaworld it is pouring down rain. Again, no biggie, it will pass, but in the mean time, I have to dig through the piles of stuff in the back of the truck to get Haden a new set of clothes, since the ones he is wearing are now covered in syrup and he is screaming like a little girl to get them off of him. So, in the rain, through all of the gear in the back, I need to get clothes, the stroller, snacks and drinks for the bag I am carrying, diapers? check, wipes? check. Camera, oh well, not bringing it in this rain. Golf umbrella? Check...oh wait, somehow Christian got ahold of the syrup and he needs a change too...sigh... (I asked for it, so I am only mad at myself.) Recall, still pouring rain, trying to coordinate with in-laws who are somewhere in the parking lot. Finally, clothes are changed, bags are packed, in-laws are here, we make our way to the front gate. Get in, everyone soaked, still raining. We are all still optimistic that the rain will stop. All 5000 people who are entering Seaworld are raiding the store to get ponchos. We dont need any stinkin ponchos! OK, well, maybe we do. I trek into the crowd and wait in the line and get some ponchos. By this time Grandpa Tyson has decided (and everyone else) this probably isnt going to work since the rain is coming down harder and it is now thundering and lightning. While he waits in line for us to get rainchecks, we head to see the Clydesdales.
We get to feed the dolphins, Christian LOVES this.
We make our way to the shark aquarium and get to see that awesomeness. Then it is time to go! All the way back to my truck in the rain. Good times.
So that was Seaworld.
No pics on this due to massive downpours. Wendy got some on her camera so hopefully I can post those at some point.
Stay tuned for more adventure!

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tasha said...

oh stink.
it rained the last time we went to sea world.. so we had lunch in the car.. then it finally stopped.

did you get rain checks???

BFF Special K said...

Can't wait to see more! I read this last night and then had a really long dream about reading more posts with pictures and drama :)