Friday, August 1, 2008

Who knew floors could make someone so happy....

So I have been yacking on and on my my new floors and walls. I finally have the pics up...I would like to have a full room shot but as usual our house was cluttered and dirty when i took the pics so I couldnt show that. Here is what I could show. These floors make me so happy, so happy that I have had nightmares about something happening to them...its the little things...the walls are finished too, they are GORGEOUS!

Please comment and tell me how beautiful they are and how I have an eye for such things and should have been an interior designer...oh stop now, all that isnt necessary, I really didnt spend that much time thinking about the color...

1 I dont hate comments!:

Stitch1260 said...

How can one be expected to keep up their own blog when there are far more interesting blogs to read that belong to one's friends.

I have coined a new "blog phrase" for "blog speak" language. The word is "blog stalker" which is defined as one who voraciously reads other's blogs while neglecting to find time for to pose to their own blog. Please pass this along to the entire universe. Maybe I can be remembered for this one technological definition.

Love the floors.