Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 3 (or as I recall, What was I thinking?)

Kaelen had stayed at the campsite with my parents the night before, so it was just me and the little ones. I knew my mom would be at the room pretty early, but I didn't care, I slept until the phone rang (830ish), her telling me she was here. So I got up and rushed to get everyone ready, as we were meeting the in-laws right when the park opened which was at 930, I think. Threw some pop tarts and cereal bars at the kids, jumped in the shower and then got everyone into the garb, went and bought tickets, looked for some sunglasses b/c I left mine at home (of course). Got to our meeting spot and the boys played for a few until the others came. Of course, Tantrum #1 of the day occurred, This is Haden, something must have been wrong with the chlorine in the pool, he said his eyes hurt...

Met up, tried to make a decision as to where to go, had to get agreement with everyone. Went to get some special tubes b/c Christian was so small and Haden was too scared. Sigh...Oh, had to stop at another gift shop to look for more sunglasses as the first one had a crappy selection and had to find Kaelen a swimsuit, as he didnt have one of course. Got that, met back up with the fam, they still couldnt find the special tubes, ventured off again, found them, met back up..ok, now how do we get to where we want to go??? All of this in the midst of about 50 million other people trying to get to rides and find tubes also. No one knows of course and then a familiar smell.....crap (literally), need to change Christians diaper..thats it, we are going to have to split up, this will never work...ya'll go this way and we will go that way...we'll catch ya later

My only thought at this moment was..."I've had better ideas, thats for sure"

A few pics of our day in the park. I thought I had gotten more, but I guess not.

Hadens favorite was the hot tub pool, it felt nice and it was only 3 feet so he could walk around and jump in and be happy.

So it gets to be about 12:00 ish or so, Christian is his normal cheerful self so we decide it is time for the room and lunch and so forth. We head back to the room, which is on the other side of the park. Christian of course does not want to walk and wants to be carried, me and my mom have to switch off carrying him as he is friggin heavy..

Here is back at the room. I wish I could say this was tantrum #2, but it is like #7 or 8.

He was soo tired, he wouldnt let me hold him, but cried when I didnt hold him, I gave up and he then flung himself on the floor and cried for a bit, then slowly started to stop crying and could barely keep his eyes open...I ever so softly moved him onto the bed where this angel appeared

Hallelujah! Sweet sleep.

During naptime, daddy arrived and mommy was happy..and Haden only wanted one thing, which he bugged me about everyday, all day until he got it.

After ice cream and naps and daddy changing, we headed to the other side of the park. I didnt get any pics, sorry, but the day ended with massive swimsuit chafing for Christian and Sonic for dinner, more hanging out at the campsite and rock throwing..

I have actually become more tired just recalling and writing this blog....

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