Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This weekend was again uneventful..lots of cleaning (on my part) and a few more scrapbook stores with BFF Special K and sweet little Brooke...she really was sweet, no WAY my little one would have been that good...Chris was off this weekend (unexpectedly) and was able to watch the heathens for me....Sunday night I got really bad stomach cramps and lots of nauseau..I took Monday off and slept almost all day! the time change screws with me! The boys are having a rough time too...the mornings are worse than usual..

Thats it, nothing too exciting...Baseball practice has started so that choas has begun! Luckily, I am trusting Kaelen more now with Christian, he watched him Monday night while I took Haden....all was well....as long as I dont have Christian to chase around I am fine! Anyway, thats it....I do have some pics, maybe I will upload them tonight...


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