Monday, March 2, 2009

So BFF Pregnant K and I spent Saturday driving around town visiting a few scrapbooking stores.

Scrapbook Emporium (Baytown)
Lone Star Scrapbook Company (Woodlands)

I did very well, did not go overboard in my purchases. I cant say the same for K. We even stopped at Cafe Adobe for lunch (although I regretted it later, I am just not as young as I used to be).

Of the whole day, with both of us with our cameras, this was the only pic either of us felt compelled to take.

The picture was of the ridiculus things sticking off of the tires...seriously, whats the point? Do you really think people think you look cool? I mean, they may take a pic and post it on the Internet, but not in a good way, they are making fun of you, not praising your coolness.

On Sunday night, the fam went to Chris' mom's church for a wonderful speaker...Rachel Raborn-Norris. She is a Potter and she ministers to churches regarding her craft and how making pottery relates to Christianity. She was wonderful. Chris bought me a small pitcher she made.

Anyhoo, as usual, Christian would not stay in the nursery, even with Haden being in there. He was anxious during the service, but pretty quiet. This is what he did the last few minutes. It was funny! Of course, I get nothing but ridicule for taking a few pictures of him...I dont get why SOME people think it is silly to take pictures of the kids when they do cute things.

Other than that, that was my exciting weekend. I think my old friend Streptococcal has been trying to pay a visit, but so far I have been fending him off somewhat. I am hoping he takes the hint and moves on.

Tally ho!

2 I dont hate comments!:

BFF Paper Addict K said...

Going overboard is all a matter of opinion!

Momma T said...

True dat!!