Monday, January 19, 2009

My Day

My day:

wake up...gets the boys off to school

come home...shower...

go to embroidery store
take Kaelen his lunch
Sonic run!
thrift store....
antique and craft mall
hobby lobby
family dollar
Big Lots
pick up Haden
get gas and soda
pick up christian
come home, do some work for about an hour
clean up the mess the kids made since they got home
wish I had a maid, cause I dont want to cook anything or even eat for that matter or clean or do any of the things I have to do tonight
watch shrek 1 and incredibles for the 900th time
get online and blog and look at Facebook....
take my happy pills

On a good note...Christian came across a binky and actually brought it to me and didnt get upset when I took it and told him he didnt need it anymore...

On a not so good note, he learned to climb out of his crib this weekend....I am surprised he hasnt done it before now...but I am glad!! not sure how he figured it out or does it, but I guess that ok, cause he is heavy!!!

Au Revior...

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