Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Edumacation

I finally accomplished something! I took the Basic Photography Class! It was great! I cant believe how much I learned and immediately corrected a setting on my camera that was giving me problems!

As luck would have it, in the process of messing with my settings and fiddling around, I deleted everything on the camera! Fortunately, I dont think there was anything important. I hadnt got around to moving the images to another drive. Oh well...

BFF Already Been There, Done That K and I are going to try to plan a day where we can work on some home exercises to help get better acquainted with how to determine the settings for pictures. I am excited!

Thanks BFF The Greatest K for watching the littlest monster. And thanks to Nana and Papaw for watching the oldest monsters!!!

BTW, the instructors name is Kathy Adams Clark. She is a wildlife photographer and has published several books.

No pics, I deleted them all!!!

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Paisley Petals said...

We must do more of her classes. I'm so glad you like her as much as we (me, my dad & barb) do!! Such a relief ;)

And we need to convince Big Sis to get her camera and take them with us!