Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post from New Blog

I found a new blog I like, here is one (of many) posts I couldnt agree with more.

Justified Right

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Emily, James, Mike and Anthony said...

OK, I'll bite.

Wasn't it just a couple posts ago that you were saying that you wanted less government? But the government should get to tell me what to do/not do with my body? We are talking about educating people about all their options, and funding facilities that offer all kinds of women's health services.

As for the quote about punishment, who do you think is punished worse when someone is forced to have an unwanted child; the parent, or the child?

Momma T said...

Well, I see your point. It seems it all depends when you consider life to begin. If you think that it is at conception, then an abortion can be considered murder. If you dont, then it becomes your decision. Personally, especially after having children, I cant imagine making a decision to end that life. And no child is unwanted, someone will give that child a good home. I do believe there should be services, possibly some governmental, available to help women, but mainly with birth control, not the options after the fact. I find it unbelieveable that women use abortions as birth control. There does need to be better education, especially in the lower income areas to better educate women on prevention. And regarding the blog, what about the father? Why doesnt he have rights, he definitely is forced to support the child after it is born, why doesnt he have the option at the beginning?

And I am still for the less govt the better.