Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drugs are awesome, ya'll!!

I am friggin tired today. I was actually in some deep dreaming sleep when the alram went off, started incorporating it into the dream...took me forever to be able to move my arms...I was dead...thats hasnt happened in 100 years....my body actually got sleep and is making me suffer for waking it up so soon....

For those of you who have seen my Facebook about my weight loss, just so you know, I used an appetite suppressant to help me lose weight...I dont consider that cheating, just dont...It has helped me tremendously...and I have found when I do not take it, I am still able to maintain my eating habits, that is eating better and smaller portions....i still have a good 20 pounds to lose, so I am hoping to stay in the groove and continue to lose....I recommend it highly to anyone who is having trouble losing and doesnt have any health problems....It was prescribed to me by my GYN...thanks doc!

My political link for today...check it out!! http://goooh.com/home.aspx

2 I dont hate comments!:

Jaybird and Me said...

What was it? I prefer to ask for things by name.

Momma T said...

Emily, its phentermine and it works.