Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Tale of Two Tickets

So a little time goes by and I do not get my inspection sticker fixed. I get my current insurance info, I get the current registration, but I do not have the time to sit for a while waiting for the inspection..I was going on Saturday but an early version of the Great Flood came our way. So come along this last Tuesday morning. I drop Haden and Christian off and head to Donna's house (my co-worker I carpool with in La Porte). When I drop off Christian, I have to go through a school zone to head torwards La Porte. Now, you know me and I tend to get distracted fairly when I saw the cop I knew instantly I had been speeding in the school zone. As I passed him, he turned in behind me and of course turned on his lights.

Me: Sigh...seriously, can my luck get any worse?

Ofc: I am officer such and such. Can I see your license and Insurance?

Me: (get license out of wallet and go to glove compartment to get valid proof of insurance - woo hoo!) I am so sorry sir, I know that area is a school zone and I drive it all the time, I was just not thinking...(big smile) (what am I wearing again??)

He was very nice and seemed to understand, then asked me about my inspection sticker.

Me: Yes, I know, I have been meaning to get it done just havent had the time, I was going to do is Saturday but the rain ya know. Hahahaha....ya know how that goes right?? Hahahahaha

Ofc: Ill be back...

Me: eye roll, sigh...ok, lets get ready to do some begging...drop some some cleavage..

He comes back with the ticket..

Ofc: (asks me work, phone info)

Me: Ofc., please, can you really do me a favor and not give me this ticket? I mean, I already have got 1 ticket for the inspection sticker, could you really help me out?? PLEASE??????? (I start crying, snot running down my nose) PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!!!

Ofc: Well, I am not giving you a ticket for speeding in the school zone.

Me: Thank you! But PLEEEAASSSSEEE??? I am in Sheila's CPA class!! Ya know Sheila? I am involved in the community and love, just LOVE the Police Department?? (big smile through tears)

Ofc: Laughs out loud..You can just get this dismissed once you get the inspection taken care of.

Me: But 2 of them?? PLEEAAASSSSEEEEE?!?!?!?!?

Ofc: Uhh..well..I am sure if you talk to them, they might do both.

Me: Fine. Just give me the ticket.

Ofc: Thanks for being so cooperative!

Me: Thanks! (Really Heather, you got issues)

So, I now have 2 tickets for the inspection sticker...I am going to my best to get them both dismissed.

I have had the truck inspected since the second one, so now I will only get the tickets for speeding...which as many of you know, happens frequently with me. Have you ever heard of the Texas Dept. of Transportation Driver Responsibility Program? They can count me as a loyal member.

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Becky said...

That really stinks. :-(