Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need a wife......

I really dont know why I tell people some of the things that happen in my makes me look dumber than I actually am...but I do it anyway...

So....a few weeks ago, April 2 in fact, I was on my way to get a tire repaired, the day my parents house got demo'd. I was pulled over by one of our wonderful Deer Park Police, being in this CPA class, I have met several officers, so I was praying and hoping it was one I knew. Now seriously, what really are the chances of that happening to me?

Of course, this nice officer and I had never met...

Ofc.: I am officer such and such, can I see your license and insurance please?

Me: Big smile, eye lashes fluttering, trying to recall what I was wearing to see if I could use that to my advantage (Get license out of wallet, open glove compartment to get insurance card) appears I dont have current proof, I do have insurance I promise, but this card is not current (bigger smile)..sorry!! Man, I dont know how that ever happened? My kids must have taken the new one out to make paper airplanes with, you know kids, they do that kind of thing!!

Ofc.: Ma'am, did you realize your inspection sticker was expired? It expired at the end of March.

Me: Really? This one? (I point to the bottom sticker)

Ofc: Yes, and your registration is expired too.

Me: REALLY??? (I really didnt know that that one was expired)

Ofc: I'll be back (walks away)

Me: (to myself) head shake, eye roll, heavy sigh...Crap, what the heck, dang, it is only April 2...jeez...should I mention my few connections in the police dept? Oh well, it is my fault..cripes, this is too many things for me to think about, what do I look like, a walking planner, do I look like I sit around eating bon bons all day trying to figure out what else to do in a day (no need to really answer that question)? jeez...ughhhh...crap

Ofc.: (walks back many minutes later, asks phone, work info) I called and yes you do have insurance. I am going to give you a ticket for the inspection sticker only (on and on about getting it done and taking proof into the clerk for dismissal, yada, yada). Have a nice day (blah, blah)

Me: Thanks! (Why do I always say thanks?) I go along my merry way to get my tire fixed - brilliant idea pops into my head! Oh, I can get my truck inspected while I am getting my tire fixed! I am sooo smart...I love being efficient, two things at the same time! Man, I am the ultimate multi-tasker!! oh wait, you have to have proof of insurance to get an inspection, which I now know I dont, I am not as smart as I thought..I sucketh...jeez...

So, I get a ticket that day. He could have given me more, heck, he could have arrested me!! How many laws can I violate in one traffic stop? Could thing I didnt have my bottle of vodka with me or my stash of pot. No biggie, I will get it done, take it in, pay $10 bucks for court cost and move along...could have been worse right? Not to mention when I went to get my tire fixed, OF COURSE, it cant be repaired and I have to get a new one...AND they didnt have tthe tire they have to go get one from somewhere else...yada, yada...I go outside and fall asleep on the sidewalk..this is my life...just think of what it would be like without meds!!!

The story does not end here....there is more....

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