Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember Ike?

It seemed so long ago that Hurricane Ike roared through this area leaving massive amounts of destruction in its wake. Most of us have forgotten the 2 weeks without power, have rebuilt our fences and repaired our roofs (rooves?). Not too many blue tarps remaining, and all of the boats have been removed from Hwy 146. Many are still fighting with the insurance companies, but most have moved on. Most...there are some whose lives have not been the same since last September, the last six months have been one long mess, frustrations with insurance companies, fighting to get from them what you are due, still not getting it even after fighting, FEMA, wondering when life will get back to some normalcy, more FEMA, wishing you had a house instead of a room to live in, thinking you are intruding on your family if you need a place to stay (whatever!!)

Anyway, along with many others I am sure, 2 of those people are my parents. They have been dealing with all of these things and more since IKE. They had 3-4 feet of water in their house, a cracked slab, loss of everything on the second floor, a destroyed motorcycle and everything that goes along with a giant wave swirling through the bottom floor of your house and garage. That was 6 months ago and it finally looks as if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the house my parents have lived in for 30 years.
This is the house my brother and I were both raised in.
This is what it looked like Wednesday morning at 8am.

It has already been gutted, the front porch removed and all utilities to it cut off and removed.

This is what began happening about 30 minutes later...


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