Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Party

This weekend, we went to a good friends birthday party. He turned 1 year old! Its crazy how fast time flies.

Here is Drew celebrating his first birthday... he was such a ham....always smiling at me..

I was trying my manual setting, but I wasnt getting many good results, he moved too much.

Here is his very ...... spirited (yeah, thats a good word).....sister Brooke....she was born about 1 week before Christian...

And Christian being obsessive with water again...

Katie, I will get all of these on a CD and sent to you as soon as possible!

2 I dont hate comments!:

BFF Bloated Whale K said...

How appropriate - a bday party post on YOUR birthday!

I *heart* Brooke's curls :)

Katie said...

LOL..if spirited means tempermental then you definitely got the right word! I love the pictures. You are so good!