Monday, February 23, 2009

Heart attack

Ok, trying to calm down. Just got a call from Haden's school, they were asking if Haden was sick today, is that why he was out of school. I am speechless for a few seconds and then say "I dropped him off at school this morning!!" She says he was marked absent then says, "I hate when that happens." and calls the classroom to make sure he is there...jeez....I wonder how many times that has happened shen they call parents!

2 I dont hate comments!:

Paisley Petals said...

That person obviously needs more responsibilities. Seriously, calling home the first day a kid is absent? If they have that much time on their hands then they definitely need to make sure the teacher didn't mark it down wrong first. Geesh.

tasha said...

we always call the house at our school too.. just as a precautionary to make sure eveyrthing is okay.
but, man. i would FREAK out.