Friday, July 25, 2008

Toy Story 3

Not everyone knows about Hadens little friend "Dots". You can somewhat see him in this photo, but it is his stuffed turtle. He loves him, he talks to him, sleeps with him, lets him eat with us, keeps him in the bathroom with him when he takes a shower, etc, etc...

Well, yesterday we were in the car and out of no where he says "Mommy, I prayed to God for Dots to talk and he wont!! Why not????"

I, of course, laughed out loud but not too ridiculously and tried to think of some good reason why Dots wasn't holding conversations with us yet. I said "Well, we can pray to God about whatever we want, but that doesn't always mean he is going to answer our Prayers."

"Why not?"

Arghh.. "Well, he may not think that is what we need in our lives at that time." He moaned and groaned for a few more minutes but then found some candy in the back street and was distracted.

I love my Haden so, he is such a Momma's boy....

He loves Starbucks (I get him choc milk, not espresso)
He loves Target and pretty much all shopping (my little man!)
He is always asking me if we can go stay in hotel rooms, cracks me up.
He likes to take pictures....I think he may be due for a small digital camera for Christmas..

I love that little dude...I don't know what I am going to do when he doesn't want my hugs or kisses or doesn't wanting me doing everything for him....:(

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Stitch1260 said...

OMG: I now have a blog (and found yours by luck. I thought I had to create a blog in order to subscribe to my niece's. Blog-speak is a difficult language. How about we do lunch and you can explain it to me.

Jan (your most favorite person at work)

Stitch1260 said...

I just scanned through all the pics on your blog. I just found out on Friday that the prairie dog picture posted by your son has special meaning for young boys. Did you know that?

Momma T said...

I actually do all of the posting. What is the meaning, oh wise one????

Stitch1260 said...

I should probably tell you in person. Ask me at work.