Monday, October 6, 2008

Christians New Obsession

If I recall correctly, it was about this age that Haden became obsessed with dinosaurs. He had the bedding, numerous movies, birthday party and so on. Luckily we kept all of the dinosaurs that Haden had collected for when Christian became obsessed. This is Big Al:

He is an Allosaurus, similar to the T Rex, we have a video about him and Christian has replaced Cars with this movie as the movie he wants to watch 25 times a day. I highly recommend this video, it is quite interesting. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

We have 3 TVs in our house: boys playroom, living room and our bedroom. At one point yesterday I had all 3 TVs with a dinosaur movie on it. The Disney movie Dinosaur in the playroom, another dinosaur documentary in the living room and Big Al in our bedroom. He will start watching one and then lose interest in that one and then find another he wants to watch. The whole time he is also carrying around plastic dinosaurs with him and now bathing with them as well. I am probably a bad mother for allowing him to dominate 3 TV sets all at one time, but who am I to deprive this child from what could be his life long calling? He could be the guy who clones dinosaurs by using DNA from mosquitos! He could find the remains of a dinosaur not yet discovered! Who am I to prevent him from expanding his brain power in this field!?!?!? DONT JUDGE ME!!! I only do what is in the best interests of my children!!!!!!

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Paisley Petals said...

How could we possibly borrow it and take it away from Christian?!?

CFF Karen (you know what the C means)