Friday, October 3, 2008


My parents live in San Leon, about 2 blocks from the water. Here are some pics I took a few weeks after the storm.

No Roof
Boats are supposed to be in the water...
This is the front of my parents house...most stuff from the first floor, all of the appliances have been picked up and some stuff has been scavenged as well. This was the site in front of almost every single house in the area....

This house was right on the water
across the street from the water
On the water

The pictures dont really do the damage justice. It is an unbelievable site, seeing such devastation to the homes and all of the people's lives. It will take years to recover.
When does the Texas coast get its star studded fund raising event? Where are Angelina and Brad, do you think Brad will come to build some earth friendly, green homes in our area? Huh...for some reason I seriously doubt it.

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