Thursday, October 9, 2008

National Night Out (also known as the beginning of my political career)

Some of you may not know that this year, I volunteered to host a block party for our neighborhood for National Night Out. Normally the official date is sometime in late August. They moved it to October 7 for the state of Texas due to the extreme hot temperatures. It was a huge success! Quite a few neighbors came and a good time was had by all. I didnt get too many photos as I was busy mingling, but here are a few.

The day didnt start of too well......Arghhh!!!

But ended quite nicely with a breeze and low humidity. The police department stopped by and the fire dept did as well with their fire truck! Big hit with the kids! It was a great time and I highly recommend it for you and your neighborhood, great way to get to know everyone!

Regarding my title, since I am now officially a "community organizer", I can now run for President of these great United States. Oh wait...well, I dont have any friends who are domestic terrorists who attempted long ago to violently overthrow the government because of differences of opinions in the war..hmmm...or I dont have any high powered real estate friends who helped me buy my million dollar home and are now in prison for doing bad things...oh well, maybe in the next life.......who knows what may be lying just around the corner for me..there is still hope...

3 I dont hate comments!:

tasha said...

im glad it went well!!!
i had a consult in pearland that evening for a family session..
i dont think i ever emailed you back to tell you that..

i bet the fire truck was a HUGE hit.. i hope you took a pic of that??

Paisley Petals said...

Give your friends some time... LOL

Looks like your party was a hit!

CFF Karen

Momma T said...

Please, no more CFF, only BFF from now on!