Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soccer is cool..

OK, so FINALLY, I got it together and was actually able to get my camera to the soccer game, with the right lens, with the memory card and fully charged.

Here are some pics of Haden's game this last Saturday. It was another game against his cousin Ashton, who is also in the pics.

Haden and Ashton together

Get it Ashton!

I wonder what he was thinking?

Goofing off on the bench

And they can still be friends even though Hadens team won (actually, I have no idea who won, I never pay attention to score and they dont officially keep it so...) One last game this Saturday!

1 I dont hate comments!:

tasha said...

aww.. my cuties..
i didnt see you at practice on monday.. tsk tsk.
i did a photoshoot at the park right there at the soccer fields monday.. LOL