Saturday, June 27, 2009

In Summary..

Whats a happenin?

** Christian seems to have become an expert at peepeeing in the potty in just a few days...has not peed is his diaper in the last 3 nights!!
** Needs to work on poopoo in the potty...Haden was the exact same way!**
** We went to the Wave pool last night with all 3 boys, they had fun! Pics to come soon..
** I got my haircut! Love it!!
** I am so behind in work because of last week..ughhh
** Someone please call the house fairy to come clean my house
** People are too concerned about MJ's death to know this happened..our society is in sad shape to become so obssessed with a celebrity's death...or maybe it is just the media
** My aunt is now in Hospice and will soon leave us to begin a new life....please pray for her and our family....

And...I am still waiting for that house fairy....and the coffee pot fairy (my cup is empty)

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