Thursday, February 10, 2011

Burning Down the House

So last week I left of discussing Snowmageddon and Valium.

I gave Christian 3 mls of valium before his dentist appt to get two cavities filled. Well, you could definitely tell he was more subdued....but he cried from the driveway to the dentists office because I wouldnt let him have a Pop Tart.
He was happy to be at the dentists office because they have video games, he was running around like nothing happened. He laid on the table fine, but then we wouldnt open his mouth.
Then I was able to bribe him with Pop Tarts and he then opened his mouth so they could look. When she started drilling, he started crying and quit cooperating.

So, I had to make another appt and I will give him a different medication because the Valium didnt work, sometimes it has the opposite effect and it makes them very emotional. Really? How can Valium not work on a 4 year old?

I know you are all wondering, did I complete my simple to do list for last week?

Here is what I had left:

Drop off all donate bags/boxes in back of truck: DONE!

Go to YMCA at least once: DID NOT HAPPEN.

Bring in surge protector to work - NOPE

Order pics from Tasha: NOPE

Buy card reader and burn photos: Yep!

Download video: didnt happen either.

So, Im not very good at getting things done, I dont think this is a big revelation, to myself or anyone else.

BUT, I did get the pics downloaded and shall post some in a post later on today.
And finally, today is my birthday. I am only 4 years away from 40 and Im not real sure what to do about that or how I should feel. I know I mentally dont feel 36 but physically sometimes feel like I am 85. So I guess I should be happy I have my health, family, yada yada. If I had a cake with candles, it would start a house fire.
Gifts are always accepted and appreciated...:-)

3 I dont hate comments!:

Jill said...

Why don't they just gas him? They offered that when Brady had his cavity filled, but I didn't think he needed it.

Paisley Petals said...

I can't believe he didn't get them filled!

happy happy 36!!!!!

Momma T said...

This particular dentist wont use gas, not sure why...if it doesnt work the next time, I guess i will need to go to a different dentist....he needs the gas!