Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just say No!

So, I thought I would check my goal list to see if I had accomplished everything on my list:

1. Prepare materials for Scouts to be able to put Blue and Gold Banquet invites together on Wednesday - I did this! Yah! Of course, scouts got cancelled, so they didnt put them together, but I had my part done!

2. Drop off all to donate Bags/Boxes in back of my truck - still in the back of my truck

3. Go to at least one class at YMCA at lunch this week.- didnt get this done and it isnt going to get done

4. Bring in surge protector for work so I can hook up my cup warmer. - could do this if I were going back into the office this week, but I didnt bring it in the beginning of the week.

5. Finally order pics for house/work frames from Tasha - nope

6. Buy a new card reader so I can upload pics to my computer...most go back way before Christmas. - crap, nope

7. Burn all videos from camcorder onto CD - nope again...

All of this is stuff I can do this evening and tomorrow, since Snowmaggedon is coming....

On another note, I just gave christian 3 mls of Valium in prep for his appt today to get cavities filled...this should be interesting....cant wait to see how it affects him, if at all...

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