Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am in moan/groan/complain/bitch mode today, so beware....I dont feel like I bitch too often, so I think I should get a chance everynow and then.

Last night, I walked out of my office at 6:15. I should have been home in 30 minutes. I did not walk in the door until 9:00. Bad accident on the freeway, so yeah, I bitched and complained even though I had already found out there was a dead body lying in the road, which was the reason for the halted traffic....I actually got a few chapters from my Dave Ramsey book read while sitting on the freeway. I confirmed the existence of such previously mentioned dead body when I exited the freeway only to see the body under the sheet myself. Appears someone was on the side of the road or tried to cross the road, actually, the freeway and was hit and killed...sad..but come on! How long does it take to remove a body from the road! They still had the freeway shut down after 10:00 when I watched the news!

My allergies are visiting me again, feel like crap..hopefully it isnt the flu which should not be named..having to work from home...

Work is bugging me about some time I entered wrong.....cripes, I hate having to deal with time and billing, such a pain...

My house is so friggin dirty, why wont anyone come clean it for me!

Kaelens school is being an a-hole....wish I was wealthy and could home school..actually, scratch that..I wish I were wealthy and could send them all to a very fine private school...

I was up at 2 something this morning and couldnt get back to sleep until around that helps my mood considerably....could not find any meds in the whole friggin house for my allergies.

I have been working on the same project for a month now at work and its driving me crazy! I wish it would be final already!

But even with my complaining, I have so much to be thankful for:

My family

My healthy family

A job I like

A home

I wasnt hit by a car on the freeway yesterday, but lucky enough to only be stuck in the traffic it caused

Havent lost my phone since I found it last

And the pretty pink cups that I got from Pampered Chef that I have been drinking coffe out of for a few weeks...

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