Monday, July 20, 2009

Step by Step

So..I know you have been DYING to know how the concert went...well?? It is "Officially Over" and tt was awesome!

We didnt get too many pics at least not of the guys....we "Click, Click, Click"ed and got a few of ourselves...these pics are from

My stomach was "Hangin Tough" after some mexican food and drinks thankfully, we didnt get any rain! and while we had a slight (slight) breeze, we could not forget it was truly "Summertime". It wasn't quite "2 in the morning" when I got home, but it was late. The show was great, different than the first, they played my fave "Click, Click, Click" but didnt play Becky's fave "Grown Man" so she was disappointed about that. This was their last show of the year, possibly forever? so they were a little emotional! The crowd was awesome! It was a great show, the guys definitely had the "Right Stuff".

Check out the pics!

So "Thank You", NKOTB for a great night and know that if/when you do come back, we will be there, hopefully front and center!

I want to know why my glasses have the glare and Karens do not!

2 I dont hate comments!:

Paisley Petals said...

Anti-scratch & anti-glare! It's an option when you get your lenses :)

tasha said...

anti scratch and anti glare ROCK.

i still cannot believe you would go see them once.. let alone twice.