Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Harvey Two Face

a.k.a Haden. Poor boy..I felt so bad for him. Fell off of his bike and landed right on his face. This was Saturday. Of course it happened then because we had pictures scheduled for Sunday. Hopefully Tasha can work her magic and make the scratches go away.

Oh...and Kaelen nicknamed him....not me!

2 I dont hate comments!:

Becky said...

OUCH! That looks painful!

Scheduling a photo session is a surefire way to have a child get a black eye, bloody lip or busted nose - without fail! Never fails...

tasha said...

you are so right becky.
last year, our family pics got pushed back twice due to my son busting his face open by sliding across the wood floor on a piece of plastic.. THEN.. running face first into the door frame, slitting a small cut over his eye. i was getting so frustrated.. wondering if we were EVER going to get our own family pics done.. LOL